The Clip Joint offers two main services. These  include shampoo and blow dry, plus complementary facial, ear clean and nail clip, as well as your choice of finishing spray.

  • Bath & Brush 'BB' 

  • Full Groom 'FG'

Price guide below. 

We use For All DogKind shampoo, a natural premium quality range.

If your dog has special requirements please let us know.

Extra services available :

  • Nail Clip  includes your choice of pet cologne on request  £10

To be totally effective dental care should be part of your dog's daily routine. To help you we offer the following services. If there are any concerns about your dog's teeth or gums veterinary advice must be sought. Please note all equipment is sterilised after each use.

  • Simple Tooth Clean using an appropriate sized toothbrush enzyme toothpaste is applied and gently massaged over your dog's teeth and gums, brushing away any loose particles. To finish a Fresh Breath foam made from natural ingredients is offered to your dog, leaving breath smelling sweeter.                                                       £5

  • Emmipet Ultrasound Tooth Clean effective oral hygiene without brushing. Reduces plaque & inflammation and freshens breath.

Motionless, silent, vibration-free cleaning with    ultrasound waves.

Reaches deep into the gums for effective cleaning.

Protects your pet from tooth loss and periodontitis.    

Highly recommended for elderly or nervous dogs, particularly those unable to have anaesthetic.

Usually more than one session is needed, and results vary between individuals.    

Starts from £12.50 per session. Initial purchase of brush head required, £7 all sizes.


  • Anal Glands written veterinary permission required, external expression only.                              £10

  • Specialist products and spa treatments are available to order in. Just ask!



Prices at a glance

These are intended as a guide only. Final price depends on a number of factors including coat type, condition and length, temperament  of pet and the style chosen. Feel free to contact The Clip Joint for further details. From 1 April 2022

 Small e.g. Shih Tzu, Bichon, Toy Poodle BB from £28  FG from £38

Medium e.g. Cocker spaniel, Min. Poodle BB from £30 FG from £40                          


Sorry we are no longer taking on large breed appointments or new handstrip clients.