Q.What can I expect when I visit The Clip Joint?
A friendly welcome! If it's your first visit I'll ask you for some contact details plus information about your pet. It's important this is kept up to date so if anything changes let me know.
Together we'll decide what's the best service and style for your dog. You'll be given a collection time (most grooms are 1-1.5 hours) and a price. 
Allow your dog to come through with me at their own pace. Once they are in (hard though it is!) try to leave promptly and without fussing them: they will settle more quickly.

Q.I think my dog has fleas. Will you still groom them?
Yes! Unlike many salons there is no extra charge for fleas. Your dogs' groom may have to be modified, and where possible a heads up is appreciated.
Alongside regular hoovering & cleaning, the salon is treated on a 3 monthly basis with a long-acting flea spray. It is strongly recommended all dogs and cats follow a preventative flea program as advised by your vet.

Q. Can I stay with my dog?
Of course! As an open-plan salon wear something you don't mind getting hairy. I will be guided by your dog so please follow any directions given. Treats are available for well-behaved owners too!

Q. Do you charge a cancellation / late fee?
No, but out of respect for my time and fellow customers who may be waiting for an appointment slot, please give as much notice as you can.
If you are running late for collection I may be bathing my next dog when you arrive. Please be patient as I cannot leave a dog unattended in the bath. Try not to over-excite your own pet who may be waiting quietly and patiently. 

Q.My dog hates being groomed! Will you still groom them?
It depends on the dog and on you. I am willing to see how I get on with a dog and vice versa. Indeed I already groom some tricky customers! But if there is a serious issue like aggression I will ask that you seek advice from a good behaviourist before going further. 

Q. Can I pay by card?
Yes The Clip Joint accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and contactless. We also take cash and bank transfers but no longer accept cheques.

Q. What if I don't want my dog shaved?
Your dogs' groom will be agreed with you before you leave. If your dog is very matted for example there may be no other humane option but to clip very close to the skin.
If your dog is knot-free and well behaved you are free to choose any style and technique. The only limitations are your dog's coat type and your budget.

Q. Do you groom cats? 
I am happy to clip nails but no longer offer a full groom service for cats. I am able to recommend a local fully qualified cat groomer on request.

Q. What if I'm not 100% satisfied with my dogs' groom?
I love my job and have spent a lot of time learning to be the best I can be. But I don't always get it right! Please speak to me if there's any aspect of the service you're not happy with.
If you don't feel you can there are feedback forms available in reception which you can complete anonymously if you wish, or you can e-mail me at theclipjointgroomers@gmail.com
Finally in the unlikely situation I have been unable to resolve the issue, as members of the Pet Industry Federation you have recourse to them as an objective third party.