About Us

The Clip Joint is a friendly , fully equipped and modern pet grooming salon based in the heart of Little Common. We offer a tailored grooming service to suit the needs of your beloved pet, using only the highest quality products and equipment. Our experience and training mean you can be assured your dog, cat or small furry is in calm, confident, capable hands. 

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Hannah, Carla and her Bull terrier 'Monk' founded the salon in 2012. Working at the biggest dog grooming chain in the country, they realised a smaller, more bijou environment was more their style. They grew The Clip Joint to be one of the most popular salons in the area, with clients from around the country booking appointments in advance so they can get their dogs groomed every time they visit the coast!

In 2017 Fleur joined the partnership and since 2019 has run the salon single-handed. The Clip Joint continues to offer a superior service for you and your pet.

Fleur Maitland LCGI has 15 years experience pet grooming, plus 2 years experience working in boarding kennels. Fleur has worked in several local salons, run her own small parlour, and managed a salon for a large chain. Able to handle a variety of breeds, Fleur has herself owned a Border and a Lakeland terrier, a chihuahua and her current dogs are a Lhasa Apso, a Min Pin and a Tibbie.

She enjoys competing and has been invited to demonstrate her grooming skills at a number of events, including Crufts.

The Clip Joint offers a well-equipped, open plan salon with a pleasant view and little distractions. We find pets respond well to the calm environment. Equipment is sterilised after each use. At the end of the day tables and bath are disinfected.

Products used are pet safe and appropriate to the animal. We are more than happy to tailor any aspect of our service to suit your pet.